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Our Story

Wood-Fired Pizza

Four Brothers

As Clarksville, Tennessee natives our dream came true when our passion for pizza was united with our desire to build a family business.

We wanted to offer high-quality food made with distinctly-fresh ingredients and provide an excellent experience for our guest.  We wanted to create a business that would be a building block in our community, that we could one day in the future pass on to our four sons - "The Four Brothers". 

With these goals at heart, palettes at the ready and our specialty dough in hand, we identified locally-sourced exceptional quality ingredients and crafted 10 of our favorite classic and creative pizza combinations.  Wanting everyone to enjoy their favorite pizza combination, we also decided to offer a personalized pizza option that includes unlimited toppings!  Our experience tells us the right ingredients must be cooked the right way.  Our custom designed hand-built Italian brick oven, fire-bakes our pizzas in about 2 minutes, and creates a uniquely fabulous pizza. 


Our vision was Four Brothers Wood-Fired Pizza. We're excited to be Clarksville’s first wood-fired pizza restaurant. Welcome!

Jamaal & Christa

Four Brother Pizza 1
Four Brother Pizza 2
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